4 things you should have on reference to find work

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Imagine this..

     Project owner: “Recommend me a contractor. I’m thinking of new project.”
     A friend of project owner: “Oh, I know a person. Go and check (insert your name here) on the website.”
     Shortly, you receive a call
     Project owner: ” You are (insert your name here), right? I’ve seen your reference on the website which fits the one we’re going to build. I would like to talk more …”

Wouldn’t it great if you can find construction work like this?

Although customers get recommendations from their friends, they still want to see the profile. Last week, Builk team has shared how to make company profile for customers to make them want to follow and read it. Now it’s time to delve into things that should have for online reference to seek construction work . Reference show customers clearly to let them see construction expertise and the coolest work, making customers to pick their phones and contact as soon as they see it on the website.

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4 things you should have on reference to find work


1 Reference name that customers understand 

A reference name works as sign to customers. If the name is clear, it will increase the opportunity to be hired by customers as they can find a right reference.

Try to compare when we travel from a province to another. Imagine that the direction sign on the street is rather useless, making it difficult to find unfamiliar place. Reference name works like this as well. We wouldn’t want customers to struggle to find work. So the question is, How to name reference for customers? 

Let’s look at an example first.

Suppose you used to decorate the restaurant called House on water. Would you rather name the project as “House on water” or “Decorated House on water restaurant”? If there are customers looking for contractor who has decorated restaurant, they would search for the keyword “decorate” or “restaurant” from the reference list on your online profile. They wouldn’t look for a word “house”.

Let’s have a look at another example. A customer is looking for a glazing contractor to build car showroom. You have worked using glass and aluminum composite before to build Honda automobile in Chiang Mai. The customer will search for reference which contains the keyword “glass work” or “car showroom” rather than “Honda Automobile”. So this reference name should be “glass work and aluminum composite” or to make it more catchy, name it “glass work and aluminum composite Honda center, Doi Saket”

Therefore, the reference should be named which customers will get immediately what type of construction project you’ve worked on. Sometimes when we take name of employer or place to use it as project name, costumers tend to get easily lost. To Builk members who have uploaded reference before, let’s try to go back and check the reference name. 


Create a construction company profile by yourself “for free” with BUILK Company Profile


Examples of clear reference names by Builk members

Siam CTC Corporation is a member of Builk which works on constructing office buildings, commercial buildings, residence, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, and industrial factories. Recently, it has expanded to work on public utility of government.

Builk team especially likes Chayo Home” for building house as there is a reference photo of project with a kid smiling in it. Isn’t it really cute? Chayo Home is currently building house in Chiang Mai.


2 Reference type

Emphasize once more for customers to know the type of work you’ve worked. It doesn’t matter if it is residence, apartment, dormitory, high rise building, office building, commercial building, shop, public building, factory, warehouse, etc.

When using Builk Company Profile to keep online reference, you can also choose a reference type. A good news is that Builk team is developing the system which company profile comes out just with a click for portability. Wait a bit for us. We will send the news to subscribers via email when it is ready.

Create a construction company profile by yourself “for free” with BUILK Company Profile


3 Reference detail

#Marketing repeat, #Marketing 

Details have many formats which can be a challenge we encounter at work, area needed for work, construction period, location, high-tech materials, compliments from customers and name list of customers and partner companies. Moreover, if you are a project owner and have well-known partners, it would give you strong credibility and finding work will be much more easier.

Let’s say that we have published our work on magazine. How do we present that we are proud of the work? Let’s try to look at an example from industrial peers. There are some people who speak less but tend to listen to others a lot more like engineer working style or others who may speak with classy language as if it comes from magazines.

Create a construction company profile by yourself “for free” with BUILK Company Profile


Examples of reference details by Builk members

  • “Renovated an old warehouse, usable area of 3000 m^2″ from “Renovated a warehouse Ginggeaw Rd. Soi 21 of Siam CTC Corporation
  • “Reinforced concrete residence, lifted floor, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 multipurpose hall, 1 kitchen and 1 parking space” from one store residential homeof Chayo Home Building
  • “Factory surface area of 1,000 m^2, concrete thickness of 0.25 m.” from Ban Bung factory in Chonburi of Siam CTC Corporation
  • “TownHome 3 floors, living area of 135 m^2 per unit, total 22 unit” from PLUS CITY PARK Water Runway of Siam CTC Corporation
  • “Shop decoration POPCO SHOP 3 branches @ Silom Complex, Platinum Fashion Mall, Central Plaza Chonburi” from POPCO SHOP of Maysa Design
  • “Low Rise Condominium 8 floor high with remarkable design, rooms including Duplex, Limited Two Bedroom, Grand One Bedroom and One Bedroom. We are determined to build a quality work for the owners to obtained exquisite buildings and have confidence in every single process of construction; customers are already moved in” from THE ATTRIBUTE CONDOMINIUM PHASE 4 of Cornerstone Construction.
  • “The building construction right in the intersection which is centered at the heart of Hard Yai, with beautiful, unique, and catchy building in chinese style, it is well recognized by people in the area. (The building used to be a small restaurant which had moved to a new place. Nowadays, the building owner is decorated the interior and going to open a new shop in the future)” Nai Yao Shop House from Cornerstone Construction


4 Reference photo

There comes the last part which is reference photo. This allows customers to see the ability and skill clearly.

A photo selection to show customers is also important. You would want to choose the photos of the best finished work in either overview or detailed view. Photos taken from the corner can tell customers through photos how neat we keep our work. Nowadays, camera phone of each people is good enough. Wait and try to take photos in the morning or afternoon for more beautiful photos. If there is any 3D model, it’s good to compare it with real one. Show that we can build creative construction idea into a reality. Any of good photo should be shown because Builk Company Profile provided by Builk team allows to upload photos unlimitedly.

Some photos of project progress can be uploaded to show your actual work as well. However just a bit is enough because this is a reference of online profile. Keep in mind that customers want to see the finished work. The photos during the work can be used in project progress report.

Create a construction company profile by yourself “for free” with BUILK Company Profile


Since you have put so much effort in your works, let’s keep them online and show them off in the best view and don’t forget to find a way to create our history and improve the works continuously. Upgrade your works to enhance quality so you can find construction work easily in the future.

Let’s make others know that being a contractor is cool.

Builk team


Reference examples of BUILK members



the attribute


 We’ve added some of the most liked reference photos of projects by “Chayo Home” home building. The photos include from the ceremony until the photo of people of the company with thumbs up proudly taken in front of the house and compared directly with 3D model of house. Moreover, there are photos of their children playing in the site; it gives a good feeling that the company pay attention to the work very much. It wouldn’t be difficult to find new works later on.

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