How to use BUILK to record cost control and blanket order


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There are many procurement jobs in construction work. For example, we want to use materials such as steel and cement for a project. We can negotiate with suppliers at the beginning of project about quantity and price for using such materials for the whole project. When we buy like this, the suppliers normally keep price cheap as we order supplies as a wholesale. We will stick to the reduced price as the purchase price until the end of project by installment. 

        Subcontracting is an another example. We make deal about the fee with subcontractor since the beginning and gradually pay them over time when they send task or ask for requisition.

How do we know the amount we’ve paid for the installment or how much more do we have to pay?

        We have seen people deal with work in similar manners; paying gradually and revise the bills later on. This way of dealing financial task is very painstaking and need a lot of discipline for organizing documents. Sometimes it leads to wrong payment. 

        Many people have upgraded a method on recording blanket order by using Microsoft Excel to control the initial price-quantity of the project and reduce the installment every time.

        There would be other option for those who use BUILK Cost Control which is separated purchase report according to vendors. But before able to use this, we should save data in the system first.

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How to record blanket order


1. Create total purchase order

Suppliers will ask purchase order from us to confirm quantity and price. Some suppliers will ask purchase order from us to confirm quantity and price. But it is recommended to create purchase order in Builk as it works as a reminder.

2. Cancel purchase order

The newly created total purchase order is either sent to suppliers or kept it as reminder. We didn’t pay the whole amount at once. If we do not cancel the purchase order, the capital will increase significantly although we haven’t even used a bit yet.

Let’s have a look at policy. BUILK Cost Control is a tool which requires management policy. We recommend that you should set a policy when cancelling purchase order. If you have no idea when to cancel, try cancelling purchase order when your supplier receive the actual purchase order. For subcontracting, try to cancel immediately in the first place.

3. Gradually create purchase order over time

When a new lot of supplies are obtained, the purchase order should be created based on the actual quantity you have received. The tip to do it fast is by copying the previously cancelled purchase order and just change the quantity.

Some have procurement department to create purchase order before they get supplies. Or if there are only few people in the company, they create it after returning from site in the evening like Chayo Home building.


Now we just have to turn on the smartphone, tablet, or computer of any generation. Click the purchasing order report by suppliers in Builk. Don’t worry about the payment. Do not waste energy and effort and take more time on smoother construction work instead. 

How do you manage blanket order? 


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