How to make a construction company profile for customers?

Create a construction company profile by yourself here “for free” with BUILK Company Profile

Company profile is important to construction business like us. Whether the company registration is corporate or personal, there should be profile on the website. The main benefit of it is that customers can get to learn about your construction business. Project owners (customers) want to know what type of work you do and the reference you’ve worked for projects.

In addition, there are other customers who want to know the reference of our business. They may be peers in the future, such as contractors or employees who is seeking for work. 

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A method of making a construction company profile for costumers


Start with getting ideas from construction peers

Start from studying company profile of other construction business companies which work on similar project. Analyze some of those cool company profiles to find reason why and what makes theirs on the website so attractive. If it suits to our business, then try to adopt the idea as our own company profile. 

As many people still do not register companies as a corporation, they need to have even more profiles than registered companies. Customers want assurance that we are existing contractors. Especially if it is house construction, customers want to assure that the money from saving collected for half of their lives would become their dream houses.

Create a company profile by yourself here “for free” with BUILK Company Profile


Examples of interesting company profile of Builk members

VKapply (รับงานระบบ) เมษาดีไซน์ (ตกแต่งปรับปรุงภายใน) ภูวรา (รับเหมาทั่วไป) RCdecon (งานอาคาร) Rockdy (บ้าน งานตกแต่ง) ศุภการ (บ้านชาวต่างชาติ) 31 Construction and Engineering 1995 (อาคาร โครงสร้างพื้นฐาน) ชโยโฮม (งานบ้าน) Fastcons (ออกแบบ รับเหมา) Cornerstone (งานอาคาร) แสวงฟ้า (อาคารขนาดใหญ่) Team Vision (ระบบและโครงสร้าง) เชียงใหม่รับสร้างบ้าน (งานบ้าน) สยามเคพีที (อาคาร บ้านพัก) ตราสิน (รับเหมาทั่วไป) 


Tell customers what project you work on and what your expertise is

An important information which customers would like to know is a type of project that contractors work on. Give customers additional information on what the expertise is. This can be dam, road, high rise building, house or electrical, piping, stainless steel, and pile subcontracting. Other than this, you should also specify area of work. Mention that it’s possible to work nationwide, north, south, east, central, Gulf of Thailand or even only available in hometown/local area.

Clearer the information, easier decision-making for customers to contact contractors.

Next, create your business plan, including a list of remarkable things that stand out from other contractors. This is about “selling” yourself. You can mention about anything that reflects strength. It may be the target business, work done on time, quality reference guarantee, teamwork experience for more than 10 years, design mainly by engineers, unafraid of tough work, loyal to honest and fair customers, construct with spirit, handsome like celebrity owner and so on.

Try to imagine this as if you are trying to flirt with a girl. You want to show your good side to her so she can choose you <3 :) 

Once you finish the draft, it is time to show your language skill; match your service and uniqueness together, infuse them with company information, fit into a short paragraph so customers read it and get interested, considering yourself as the right contractor they are looking for. However, if there’s any difficulty writing about construction profile, let Builk team help you. Builk team is always happy to help our members. You can send message via Facebook at any time.

Create a construction profile by yourself here “for free” with BUILK Company Profile.


Examples of interesting activities of company by Builk members

Phuwara Design & Construction: Design and construct residence, commercial building, townhouse, apartment, warehouse, storehouse. Control quality and manage work by architects and engineers with experience. We have team ready to serve with “quality service than price” policy.

Suppagarn Real Estate Service: Our company constructs residence to foreigners under the name of “Hua Hin Quality House”. We work specifically in Cha am, Hua Hin, and Pranburi. We specialize in high quality 1-story vacation house by serving mostly foreign customers.

Sawangfa construction: Have subcontracted the construction high rise building, large building, factory, school, office building, medical building, OPD building, IPD building, emergency room, laundry factory, residence, flat, wastewater treatment systems for office building, village, hospital, design factory, warehouse, metal structure, work site available in northeastern Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and southern border of Thailand.

1995 corporation: Provides construction design service and project management according to engineering profession standard. Has engineers to take care of every stage when constructing residential building, condominium, office building, house, factory, power plants and infrastructure.


Add contact info

Leave telephone number to others to contact you. Many contractors are always busy at the site. Customers call when they are stuck with piles of work and meeting. Although customers call, the noise from drilling may cover up the ringing and it may consequently lead to loss of opportunity.

Other than just telephone number, please also leave the email address although it’s not that necessary when customers want to send inquiry instantly. We are living in the Digital Era and it’s all about being speedy. As people nowadays are impatient, leaving the e-mail right away will prevent giving the misspelled email telling on the telephone. For example, T can be misheard as D or E. 

Create a company profile by yourself “for free” with BUILK Company Profile.


Example of contact info of interesting company profiles by Builk memberscontact


Enhance a credibility with old reference

Or it’s known as portfolio. I see many of peers taking photos of construction work and posting on Facebook every day. Some photos are site atmosphere showing that they work active and energetic.

Please choose reference which you can show off to customers on the website that you can make such a quality work to look professional. Customers will believe it that you will create project for them for sure! (You’ve done this already. We are not bragging. See the evidence from the photo first.)

Try to read and follow 4 things to have on reference for seeking construction work here.

Create company profile by yourself here “for free” with BUILK Company Profile.


Example of interesting reference by Builk members



This time when people looking for contractors via Facebook, you can just reply them with your website’s link. No more troublesome procedures such as finding photos from your old work, typing name and all the contacts like the old time. In addition, when someone is searching for contractor online, he/she will see you at the first page of search results of Google.

rc google


We hope that you will get an idea to make company profile. It is time to take an action. Take your computer and sacrifice your 10 minutes to watching and relaxing TV time, let’s create more job opportunity. There is little difference between the words “a moment” and “right now” but the later one has brighter future for sure. Builk team wishes everyone to cooperate well together all year and onward. Best of luck!

Builk team

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