BUILK Company Profile

A ready-made and free website for construction business

BUILK Company Profile provides company a credible identity in the online world to increase an opportunity to get more customers and new work from internet.

You can have a website displaying your previous services and construction work and create ready-made website quickly with templates for free. -why free- Save asset and time on initialization and maintenance.

Customers can view your portfolio on the website and contact you by provided telephone or e-mail right away.

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Features of free and ready-made website BUILK Company Profile

Company status badge




Status badge to increase reliability of business

      • NOT YET VERIFIED means the company has not been confirmed that it exists yet.
      • PRO NETWORK  means Builk can guarantee the company which meets up to the standard companies because they use BUILK Cost Control properly with steps (including approval and allocation). There are more than 100 purchase orders in the system and the company uses it regularly every month. When the user stops using cost control, PRO NETWORK badge will be automatically removed.


Building credibility increases with rating voted by members of BUILK. The rating shown on the website is the average of whole votes with the rating varying from 1 to 5. You will receive an email and be notified immediately when voters give rating on the website.

Construction business template

There are forms to fill out enough information to allow customers to contact you to reduce a chance of providing incomplete information to customers. Such information is mainly divided to three sections: Company information, construction project information, and Products information-Service

    • Fill in the company information, such as contacts, expertise, and company summary. Other than just filling out the form, there is more other various options to provide the most complete information to customers.
    • Fill in the form about construction work such as project category, period of project, and contract price. 


Name the site yourself

The URL for the page on the website is “www.builk.com/company_name”. It can be named with letters in English or numbers and it must be unique which hasn’t been used by other companies yet.

Support all devices

    • Support every device and work on all of PC, Laptop and Smart Phone
    • The display of the website on the screen is adjustable and responsive so the visitors can see clearly regardless of screen size.

Cooperate as a team

    • Add cooperating members into the system without limit
    • Able to set the work accessibility such as allowing to add portfolio but not allowing to edit company information

Count number of viewers on the website

Show the number of visitors to the site, including the number of viewers on portfolio or each type of product for analyzing the information on your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a technology which makes your site shows up on the top of the search results on Google. 

For example, search “Build house Chiang Mai modern” on Google and you will meet COMPANY PROFILE of BUILK members who build house in Chiang Mai on the first page of the search results.

Become a part of the Community

    • Company Profile with complete information and sufficient project references will be introduced to project owners who has requested BUILK to find contractors. Alternatively, the company can choose to be publicized on BUILK.
    • BUILK is a tool for connecting members of construction business by holding events both online and offline. As there are many people who would like to participate the event, we need information about the company on Company Profile to select the participants.

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Meet members of the construction business over the country

Examples of BUILK user companies to show their company profile

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