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Contractors’ Smart Solution to Increase Profit

On April 4, 2019, Builk One Group has held the GoBUILK by SCG event for the second time in Metro Manila at The legend Villas hotel. The main topic of this GoBUILK by SCG is “Contractors’ Smart Solution to Increase Profit” by Mr. Patai PAdungtin CEO of Builk One Group.

Here are some of the tips from “Contractors’ Smart Solution to Increase Profit” from Mr. Patai.

Mr. Patai suggested that construction business should have +5% more profit than your normal range as this year target. And to accomplish that is very easy with only 2 main keys as follows:

  1. Increase revenue

Get more projects and clients. This is the first main key to get you more money and increase profits, but finding a new client isn’t always easy. Don’t forget that marketing is a good way to make people get to know your business more, and eventually convert to your client, even in the construction business. Start doing online marketing with BUILK, with company profile. It’s easy! Just log-in to BUILK and create a company profile by input all your business information and your portfolio or past works. That’s it! you got your own website to promote your own works. And with BUILK website, most of the customers can easily find you on google first page, as BUILK is SEO friendly (Search Engine Optimization). So why not create one now, and it all free!


  1. Reduce cost

Another main key to increase profit is to reduce your cost, which can breakdown into 3 main parts. The first part is procurement. Finding the best price and deals for buying supplies and construction materials is an easy way to reduce your cost. Let’s BUILK help you compare material price from different suppliers with RFQ (request for quotation) menu. The second part is the management. Manage your construction business effectively with BUILK, help you control your cost with free online software that you can work anytime anywhere. Lastly, Control your overhead cost. If you already input all of your budgets and cost in BUILK, you can easily track your overseas cost and finally cut it down, you will see the improvement each quarter with BUILK summary visualization graph.


BUILK Cost control is free software designed especially for SMEs construction business. Builk covers all needed activities, from the planning process, record and track all the financial activities until the automatically cost evaluation report. You can possibly receive real-time project information anywhere and anytime. The program is suitable for the contractor business, SMEs construction project owner and also the real estate developer. Strat use BUILK now, Click here.


Here are pictures from GoBUILK by SCG – “Contractors’ Smart Solution to Increase Profit”.

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