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Contractors work more effectively with real-time cost control!

Newer things are always better. To illustrate, there are many types of cost controlling methods in the construction industry but the majority of the traditional methods require regular updates of general ledger, either daily, monthly or yearly to control and manage the costs.

Nowadays, due to modern tools such as ERP program, both multinational corporation (MNC) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) such as Pojjaman2 and Builk are able to work more efficiently. They are able to systematically fix errors, summarize and control cost without the need of an accountant.

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Another advantage of using a cost control program is its real-time report updates. This means that any person in the company can have real-time access to information without having the needs to wait for other departments to send information over.

Difference between cost control by using the traditional and real-time method.

  1. Time restriction/ No time restriction
  2. Not on the same page/ On the same page
  3. Errors occurred easily/ Precise information


Traditional Real-time
Time restrictionDue to an incompatible schedule of employees, arranging for a meeting is a big challenge in the company. This problem cost a great deal of inefficiency in our work, resulting in waste of our precious time. No time restrictionWork’s quality will be better if we can update and edit the document 24/7 both manager and staff
Not on the same pageWhen we assign the work to the staff, misunderstanding might occur and may lead to bigger problems in the future On the same pageEveryone will have the same idea and can be inspected on the program.
Errors occurred easilyErrors might occur easily if there are only one people to sum up the report and report it to the manager. Moreover, if there are any mistakes, it is hard to find the root cause of the matter. Precise informationEveryone can monitor and edit information and if there are any changes, we can also see who edited the document. Hence, it is easier to find the cause of problems.


As mentioned before, Builk can invite anyone in the company into the project via email. Furthermore, we can restrict the information that a person can access and as well as the editing rights of the document.


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