Where you can cost control by yourself with ease!

For cost control at construction work, the principle is quite straightforward; it just requires to subtract some numbers. However, many projects encounter with some major issues which may lead to profit loss as the sites get busy and there is a lack of time to cost control.

BUILK.COM offers useful tool which helps to cost control very easily. It is the most recent innovation in cost control and also helps to increase profits for contractors. But hold on! Register now if you want free of charge for lifetime!!

Oh, it’s great!

Builk is the first and only company in the world which provides business management software as well as cost control for construction business and real estate developers, completely free of charge. The company has established for Thai contractors to use since 2010 and the contractors have been using it for thousands of companies. Some contractors encounter it on the internet and are interested but they are unsure how to start, have lack of time for learning and are scared to use it wrong.

Cost control system designed from the personal experience of contractor

Dear costumers, being a construction professional is very challenging. We have to design and plan a lot just to complete a construction work. Believe me, implementing cost control in the company is so much easier to construct buildings; what’s important is to focus on its goal. Put the time schedule clearly and go for it.

Learn the system and cost control by yourself

Builk provides a tool which helps with plan, income and expense record, and essential report for construction business.
Read a guide on how to start using Builk (just a page) and watch video tutorials via BUILK TV.

Try to let person in charge to have a look at this schedule which can be used in WORKSHOP for Cost Control system by contractors.

Download PDF here

How to use :
-Fill in a person in charge in every section of planning, cost information and revenue information.
-Confirm purchase order policy clearly, wait for daily allocation. (Checkpoint #1)
-Confirm the policy to determine the cost allocation for every expense. (Checkpoint #2)
-When used as PRO NETWORK, investigate the detailed report.

เอกสารวางระบบ ควบคุมต้นทุน

You can do it yourself at the office, it is not difficult at all.
Program … ready People … ready Policies …ready

Finally, decide the time when you would like to start to change the system. Underline clearly which days you would like to start using the system fully. (Do not wait for end of month or year) Then see the result of changes.
If there’s anyone who can put system by oneself, please tell us how it goes :)

For more help and information, contact 0-2236-9799 (Mon – Fri 9:00 – 18:00)

Get to know more about BUILK

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