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There are less work available compared to the last year. Construction SMEs owners probably need to put more effort in order to find more customers. Many people have uploaded their references on the internet. This provides an alternative to increase opportunity for customer to see the work at desk other than come to the actual construction site. 

        There are various sources where we can upload our work on the internet. Where should we publicize our work? Should we create our own website? Or use Facebook? Or BUILK Company Profile?


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Finding construction work on the internet

To choose which channel to use, it should be at where the most of the requirements of business meet. As construction professions, we already know that building to meet requirement will save most of resource and time.

        But many times, there is no time to stop and think about such requirement while working busy at the work site. Builk team has gathered various requirements as information to concern before putting effort and time to work.

        Let’s compare just Facebook and BUILK Company Profile excluding creating one’s own website. Having one’s own website can be very flexible; it can be adjusted, designed and  functions are changed as much as one like. But it is followed by unnecessary troublesome tasks for contractors. Hiring people to create your website is similar to hiring contractors for building houses for us (we the contractors… Have you started to get this troublesome?) When creating website is completed, there will also be yearly expense starting from thousands to almost ten thousand baht. What’s important is making customers to visit the website.  The one has to be diligent with updating information on the website and following technology continuously. Creating website by oneself is suitable for those who have enough fund and administrators.

        Both Facebook and BUILK Company Profile are suitable for construction SMEs. These are …

  • Save initial asset No subsequent charge and use for free. Available to upload information as much as you want, no extra charge.
  • Save time for creating website and updating technology Do not waste time on good looking design or things to be put on the website and just fill in the gap and follow the given template. No need to update technology because both Facebook and BUILK Company Profile update every trend in technology world all the time.
  • Save time and money, use SEO (Search engine optimization) SEO is technology which makes our reference shows up on the top of the search results on Google when someone is searching from Google. Without this, a drawback would be there’s no one to view your website when it’s created because it cannot be found like an abandoned house.
One of the examples of SEO is a person in thirties has raised money to build a new modern style house in Chiang Mai. As this person doesn’t know any contractor at this point, he decides to search “build modern house in Chiang Mai” on Google. When he does, he will encounter Company Profile of Builk members. A reference of Builk members building house in Chiang Mai is going to appear on the first page and he will probably contact the contractor to talk.

What is any other requirement than this?


Requirement of marketing


Pick subject related to customers come first as our basic needs are finding construction work and more customers via internet. So ask yourself first. Do I want to respond to clients? How much trust do I want to gain?

Customer response

        Indeed, Facebook provides us to chat and send stickers to customers instantly. Anyone can post question and reply. Anyone can like photos. Vibration from phone reminds us to grab phone and reply. Notice that the question is about price of construction projects. (Perhaps in response to the comments above, I would say read above.) In addition, our customers can talk to peers. When they are tired from work, they have a person who can cheer and encourage them. It feels good as well. There are other group called suppliers who come and comment to offer supplies for sale on our post regularly. (This is also good, you get to know more suppliers but it can be misleading.) 

        BUILK Company Profile does not have any supporting system for the immediate response like this at the moment. Coming soon.

Brand building and building credibility

        Facebook has a bit of issues with reliability. It’s easy to create and anyone can have account. Within 5 minutes, it is magically ready to the public eyes. An identity of the person may be unknown but if it’s updated frequently by uploading photos, it will help to convince that it exists on this planet, showing what and where you work in each day.

        BUILK Company Profile contains status badge that the company is PRO Network or Verify Click here to see the description of status badge here. Sometimes people who are looking for contractors come and ask for help to Builk team. This way we can find and recommend them our members who have a good and reliable profile.


Requirement of functional design


Page appearance and design

        We cannot adjust both appearance and design of the page.

        However, organizing information of BUILK Company Profile is much more appropriate to our contractors. It is because BUILK Company Profile separates for customers to let them see the reference clearly and find work samples definitely. Try to consider customers’ mind. When you access to Facebook, you will find a bit difficulty to find example of work. There are photos that are not related to building and construction sites which is still in progress.

Function of result evaluation in marketing management

        What should we do to evaluate result into numbers clearly in this business? Evaluating result of basic online marketing is counting the number of viewers. We can look at the result of number of viewers on Facebook Page with BUILK Company Profile. How many people have viewed page and reference? If there’s someone who just uses only Facebook, that person will never know actual number of views but just count number of Likes instead.

        Go a bit deeper; the customers whom call us and pay the fee, how did they know about us? 

        After evaluation, take the result to analyze and improve to find construction work from online.

Special function from BUILK for construction business only ***New update available to use from July 2015***

As Builk is established for making construction business grow, we have application which is designed for insider of new construction or updated version for every week.

        Lastly, Company Profile can be printed as document. Sometimes when you offer work to customers, the internet may not be available. Clamping the company profile immediately instead of opening the website will work more. It is another way of saving time for document work unlike before, where we would have to use Microsoft Word than set page to add photos which takes a lot of time.

facebook-vs-builk 1

So what is the best way to find construction work through the internet?

In order to choose the right internet source to broadcast your work, it should match the specific requirements of your organization. For construction business, we would want to save money, time and energy on both installation and maintenance. From marketing perspective, ask what you want to respond. Do you ask customers to talk? Do you create credibility or not? And in terms of functionality, what exactly do we want it to do for us? 

So have you chosen what to use for construction work on the internet yet? Facebook or BUILK Company Profile.. Or both?


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