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Welcome to BUILK Cost Control .

        You are probably a contractor or property developer who is looking for managing construction cost control program for growing business. You are trying to replace the current cost control system to the new one which is unsuccessfully installed and it’s not the result you want. Or you may have recently lost fund worth hundred thousand baht from the last site and you don’t want the incident to be repeated. (If the second one is the case, we would like to encourage you to keep fighting.)

        BUILK Cost Control is a tool you are looking for. When you use it you will see cost and know profit. You don’t have to invest in such software as it is provided unconditionally for free all the time. Why free? Click here to read.

        In fact, this system is a tool used for online construction cost control “easily”. Builk is intended to make system -easy- when you learn how to use it by yourself. It is not necessary to wait for training activities of Builk . There are many businesses such as ROCKDY (THAILAND) , who have taught themselves until they have turned into Pro today. Try to read this short user guide to learn how to use Builk.


The user guide on how to use Builk cost control (Just a single page) is about

  • Project Cost Planning
  • Cost and expenses record
  • Understanding reports

For any question other than this user guide and if you would like to use Builk in advance level (This system is flexible like Microsoft Excel, which can be simply used for adding numbers or use macro.), try to find answer here or contact Builk by following the link below the website. 

It’s better to start!

It may be a bit long but let’s say it’s for long-term growth. Please read it patiently as an investment of time in knowledge.

Things you should know before using Builk construction cost control

We can use Builk smoothly when opening website from Google Chrome. Download google chrome here and open Builk website on google chrome.

        BUILK Cost Control is a construction cost control tool used on the website without downloading any program. Sign up with email just like Facebook.

Project Cost Planning

ควบคุมต้นทุน งานก่อสร้าง

After having signed construction employment contract, we get bid price in BOQ and contract in hand.

        Many people may have tried to control the construction work cost using BOQ. When a work starts, they eagerly open the BOQ in excel file, hoping that it will record the cost to control the cost of the construction work.

As the work proceeds, the site of construction work starts to get busy and daily problem has to be fixed.  The BOQ of each work is different.  There are thousands of materials and labors costs and there are always lists popping up which are not even in a plan. Those who will understand all the concepts are experienced engineers or architects who are always busy with all the site problems, managing site, and accelerating work progress, so they will not have time to keep an eye on the constantly changing BOQ.  After a while, there will be issue with the money.

        When it gets really busy, the original intention starts to fade. You have no time to regularly update cost in BOQ file and piles of document work can’t be cleared. You may end up with the decision that we will just stick to BOQ in the next project. (Every matter happens very fast.)

        As cost control by BOQ is a lot more detailed and complicated to use, a construction cost control system, BUILK Cost Control does not use BOQ but use cost code instead. The cost code divides the cost into categories similar to Chart of accounts but it’s designed especially for construction. Click here to see the cost code for construction business. It’s not as detailed and tough to use as BOQ. Other than this, the system is relatively easy to let someone else manage accounting and it doesn’t bother keyman.

        This system is designed based on experience (problems) of contractors. We understand the heavy workload of construction workers well, where all have to truly committed with the work and stay patient. 

Convert BOQ to cost plan based on cost code

From BOQ of project budget, we first have to regroup them to cost code. If the project is not very big, we can use calculator to find total cost of each amount or assume based on the experience. Or if there is more time, we would like to convert BOQ as project budget (Control Budget) with Microsoft Excel by using this BOQ form. Download BOQ form    Download a sample form of BOQ  See how to use form thoroughly

        When we have the numbers for cost plan, put them aside first. We will then put them in BUILK Cost Control as the approximated project budget.

Project cost planning in BUILK Cost Control

  • Sign in Builk here
  • From that go to Cost control dashboard
  • Find a text which says ‘Create a new project’ or click here to create a new project.
  • Then, fill in the gap with words and numbers and enter project information and enter the cost plan of each cost code as you scroll down. If there is any description of each type, the team workers will understand directly. Enter the budget interim now or you can add later.

Do you believe that now we can do cost planning for cost control of construction work to be used throughout the project? Read more about construction project plans here.

Record cost and expenses

ควบคุมต้นทุน งานก่อสร้าง

The point of construction cost control is “having planned cost” as frame under control and it must “record actual cost” for everything. When comparing planned cost with actual cost, you should at least skim through it.

  • During construction, is there a cost category that exceeds the planned one? (Think further, what would happen?)
  • Which category has a little remaining budget even the construction hasn’t been finished? (You should be careful with spending in this category! so… how can we be aware?)
  • When completing the project, see the numbers clearly and determine whether we obtain profit or loss in percentage. (Where have we missed it? Should we take these numbers to adjust plan for the next project?)

We will know how efficient the cost is used, how well it is spent or not. It can also be used as KPI to set goal on engaging result of projects to make team/staff involved with construction cost control.

Record data by creating purchase order

We have planned so far. This time it’s about what you record when we spend on purchasing menu. An initial budget and construction cost are normally divided into 5 categories.

  1. Purchasing materials
  2. Subcontracting
  3. Salaries and labor costs
  4. Cash
  5. Other expenses such as rent, utilities, telephone, etc

All the expenses are recorded in purchasing menu, whether you are paying for materials, wages, rents, or even expense without purchase order, such as utilities and facilities. Click the ‘Create purchase order’ to record easily just as we’ve been always creating purchase orders with Excel or Word. However, it would be better to have form to it as we can just fill in the information. ดูภSee illustration here.นี่

Cost allocation before purchase approval

If you know how to use Builk efficiently, you will know the budget and profit and obtain actual cost only after when you “allocate budget before and then approve orders”. Please keep this in mind. Otherwise, this program will just be an issuing purchase order program instead of construction cost control problem… then our programmers who’ve created the program will be very sad.

        The method is before ordering or recording the cost, it must be specified that from which budget category will the money be deducted.

        If it’s not allocated, we will never know which budget cost group and which cost code this cost will be. This step is like when copying your budget cost to Excel and compare them to BOQ. However, it’s easier and faster as it is done by clicking allocate price list each line of purchase order that’s related project and cost code. See illustration of cost allocation here.

Purchase order cannot be printed if it’s not approved yet.

Construction cost control system, BUILK Cost Control, is different from Excel which there is online purchase order approval process. Approval of document is a standard work flow we are using. Purchasing and subcontracting requires someone to approve but normally we do it offline.

        More from the steps when creating purchase order and cost allocation, we will see data above on the website before you agree to approve purchase orders at any time. For example, the numbers you will see (things to be considered before purchasing approval) are

  • Which cost code remains little cost? (Be careful how to spend well)
  • Which cost code uses budget more than the specified approximated budget? (Have you bargained well with suppliers? Is offer from customers an additional work? Or is there any other choice to avoid loss of budget?)

        Manager, project manager or purchasing manager. How to approve purchase order just by clicking approval button of order on the monitor or mobile phone? See illustrations here. This purchase order is ready to be printed or sent by email to our suppliers. However, if it’s not approved, the system will be locked and it won’t be able to print out. Check before the money gets difficult to find.

Record document – Allocate – Approve 3 steps to clear regular backlog

There are currently 3 steps to do on a regular basis when recording purchase order and so you don’t have to sit, gather documents and enter data in Excel. Life would be much more comfortable. Take time to see worksite. If there is enough time, go travel with kids. Whenever you want to see the data, you can check it right away.

        Cost control is not difficult to do, what’s difficult is controlling yourself with a lot of discipline. Open BUILK Cost Control and record document – allocate – approve every day, every two days or every weekend regularly. We love construction, adding little more discipline and patience will lead to faster success.

        There is another technique to clear backlogs of documents by yourself (and as well as your staff/team). That is making rules to the team to clear purchase order and wait for allocation regularly and have someone to check because all of the orders are already approved but when it’s accumulated too much, no one would know what each order is for.

        Policy example: At every particular date/time, (like everyday 5 pm) there must be only allocated purchase order left. Some people check the amount of purchase orders waiting to be allocated at BUILK Cost Control dashboard.

Do not pay if there’s no document and cost allocation!

The lengthy paragraphs above are about step when purchasing supplies. At the end of the month, you need to write a check and open your wallet to pay. Before you pay, you need the following documents to prepare:

  • Cost allocation is a confirmation that money you are about to pay is recorded in the cost control. At first, it could be printed out quickly and easily. You can also open the website and see directly from it.
  • Copies of relevant documents

A person in charge of money should be a little savage. No document, no payment.

Understanding reports

ควบคุมต้นทุน งานก่อสร้าง

There are overall 8 construction project report in Builk Cost Control.

        Generating automatic report does not require to write functions and use macros like in Microsoft Excel. The numbers in this report are from the cost plan and the actual cost which we’ve been typing in PO since the beginning. Please keep in mind that only the numbers from the approved POs which are allocated can be reported. If it’s only either approved or allocated, the numbers wouldn’t show up.

        These 8 reports are divided into reports for managers and operating department such as purchasing department.

        Managers like project owners or project managers often use report to compare the planned with actual cost and analyze figures to adjust and solve the project to make the cost the same as or less than the planned one. Read a sample report by Chayo Home building here. For example, operating summary and project cost report are recommended to assign permission to only certain people who can see it. See how to assign permission here. Some purchasing department use purchase orders which are separated depending on either supplier or project. Read detailed report here.

        We can see the report anytime, anywhere, either from a laptop or smartphone and it’s very ensured that the information is correct.

So this is it. The user guide to use Builk cost control for construction work really takes just a single page. Now, are you ready to cost control construction work? 

บิลค์ทีมAbout Builk team

Builk team is a team which everyone in our Builk wants to create a quality community for contractors in Southeast Asia . We help construction business to reduce cost, save time by creating cost control program which contractors can use for free. Other than program, we also try to develop things that we can think of for contractors to have better lives.

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