The project’s owner or even house’s owner could always have a question in mind. If you bring this question to an experienced contractor, you will get unalike answers, it might because each project has a different objective and policies; such as Time usage is the first priority, the price is not the case, however, sometimes other wants to focus on the cost control, and/or others tend to pay importance with the construction materials.

What materials should the project’s owner purchase by themselves?

The main reasons that the project’s owner wants to go get the materials by themselves are because first of all, they want to economise the cost or they want to add up the materials as much as they want it to. However, the right price and the right quality came along with the load of tasks, such as agreement of the quality responsibility and the broke material, transportation coordinating which needs to be related to the construction site, and also including the site manager have to be prepared for the urgent situations. 

The favored materials lists that the project manager tends to find by themselves are anchor pile,bearing bar & concrete, systematic work, most of them makes the project to cost lower. The owner usually gets the right to being the decision makers in the materials purchasing process such as tiles, rock, sanitary ware & aluminium, and the door accessories etc. 


The product checking process is the risky area, the percentage of the shatter product that still acceptable, the conservative responsibility, and the warranty after service. The two parties need to make an endorsement about which party will take the damage.

Risk scenario: the owner decided to import in an expensive set of tiles and bought a small set of backup, but unfortunately, the good was shattered during the transfering process. With that situation has happened, the trouble has occurred on whose going to take the faulty. 

If the project owner seems to think that it’s worth enough to find the materials by themselves, there should be a clear agreement about the responsibility areas of each party before signing the contract. Moreover, an experienced contractor could be able to given useful suggestion about the pro and con for the projects in the future. 

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Real Estate Developer, Phuket

“We mostly buy architectural or decorating materials by ourselves; however, we’ve usually given the job to the contractor whenever the project is massive. We will give the dealing job to the contractor if they are capable and performing better. Apart from that, we often set the deliver date to be as close as the project schedule as possible. Furthermore, if we are unable to negotiate with the suppliers, we will usually keep the least stock at the construction site as we can due to future damage protection.”

Mrs.Pui, Ravana Constuction
Contractor Business, Chiang Mai
“I think the best solution for the procurement process is that the project’s owner should have a participation during the planning and visiting the site. Usually, the contractors are assess the first quarter of the project on what will the plan goes, what materials will require the task to process, and then talk through about the materials obtainment. The contractor and the project’s owner should be informative about the materials detail and the acceptable price, including the backup stocks. Furthermore, the configuration also needs to be the prioritise in the discussion area.”
Contractor Business, Chiangmai 

“I sometimes buy the materials, usually the accessories; such as the tile, light bulb. We prefer the customers to pick up their own desire template. We always have a meeting session beforehand about what will the customers going to prepare and so on, and the customers seem to be enjoyed within the construction procedure.”

Construction Business, Sa Kaeo

“In house constructing project, the lists that the owner will pick are sanitary hardwares, lamp, mostly the personal using things; either the owner makes the decision or I go along and make the decision together.

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