Construction Site Communication
Has Never Been This EASY

Unlimited communication with everyone involved in construction sites

Construction projects require cooperation of many companies. Builk Site Walk allows you to invite either internal or external cooperators. Whoever they are, project owner, subcontractor, designers, consultants and suppliers can manage and respond to various issues promptly using any device like smartphone, tablet or computer. Notification and Email will help to cooperate on the project and increase efficiency significantly.

Progress report and punch list

Designed to manage construction project, Sitewalk can create progress report of project by just a click. The report can be sent to project owner or use in project executive meeting. It reduces duplicating work and saves work time on work-site engineering document.

Filter the issues of defect at work and collect them into punch list. It builds satisfaction to every cooperator in the project, reduces uncertainty, receives up-to-date information and manages project effectively which reduces operating time and increases project.

Type of issues

PROGRESS Define issue related to progress type.

ACTION REQUIRED Tag person in charge when issue needs to be fixed.

GOOD JOB Support colleagues whose work performance is outstanding.

REQUEST FOR INFORMATION Request additional information from involved people.

DEFECT Fix problem on the spot so it does not escalate.