Heir of Gen Y inherits “Sripatanabhumi Construction”

ศรีพัฒนภูมิ คอนสตรัคชั่น

For this 3 years, Sripatanabhumi Construction Co., Ltd., a construction contracting business in Nakhon Pathom which focuses on public utilities, is strengthening the structure to be prepared with growth based on which former executives have built.

        “Puri Rohitpoot”, the heir, is expected to fully continue his family business which was founded in grandfather’s generation. This undergraduate who has recently graduated already decided to develop his family business during his college days at Chiang Mai University instead of applying for job at large company like his friends. “My grandfather has started the business for more than 10 years mainly on land reclamation, piping system, and drainage system. I am managing with my aunt at the moment. To be honest, I want to gain more experience out there as I believe that we can apply experience at home. However, we should take over the family business immediately because the business is SME and it’s different from large companies.”

Look ahead – set a clear aim point

“To register as top contractor of different departments” Mr. Puri talked about vision of Sri Patanabhumi. 

        A department of public construction has overall 5 parts – department of highways, department of rural roads, department of public work, department of irrigation, and Bangkok. Contractors which receive construction work directly from the government must have qualifications according to regulation and have successfully registered with government. The value of work is divided into order; starting with fourth ranked contractor, they can receive work worth not more than ten million. While first ranked contractors can receive work worth hundred million baht. 

        Mr Puri was acquainted with the rhythm of family business since he was a child. He was able to see a number of subcontracting from special major department contractors. “Previously, I didn’t register the company because I thought details would be too much and the administration would got harder. So I decided to be a subcontractor all the time. Now I am confident that I can work on big projects worth hundreds of millions. If we receive work from the government, it would help to reduce many risks like directly getting installment from the government.” This idea is carried on for the new generation executive to take the business forward and is registered in 2 departments. 

        “Whatever skillful things you’ve done, if it doesn’t meet the qualification that the department has required, they wouldn’t do it.”


Dare to change and start using technology to build a stable foundation

As Mr Puri has learned about business line, Sripatanabhumi at this time has the strength as strong financial manager.

        “Money matter is important. However, to prevent any leak related to expense, for example, a side manager ordered all the materials for multiple projects and it’s not reported to a executive that which material is used for which project, I had to focus on money issue and needed a system to control such problem. Initially, there was neither a system nor documents and there were only empty room what-so-called workspace. The work was too much at first and sometimes I got jealous of friends who were free on the weekend.” Mr Puri started to tell experience of setting financial system of business.

        A system design is a work that uses creativity and it must go through trial and error. The system has failed at times but I didn’t quit to find a new method.”  I kept trying until I encountered a construction work cost control system, BUILK Cost Control, which is later used simultaneously with accounting program.

        Google Drive is one of the other technology that Mr. Puri uses. “You can work anywhere you want, you don’t have to go to the office to work.”

        When the system is designed, people should be taught to follow the new system. “I chose to teach depending on their abilities, attitude and vision. If I don’t consider these factors, it would be useless. 


Mr. Puri as a participant of GO BUILK in Bangkok last March, 2015.

Prove yourself to make adults accept and trust you for decision

Other than the financial system, Mr puri has ideas about workflow development to offer for solving a new problem and the ideas add up gradually. However, whatever he does, he is just a kid in the eyes of elders as well as all the relatives and workers. So how to make “adults” to trust and accept a change based on Mr Puri’s offered idea?

        “Since I tried to prove myself, I’ve ใused the portfolio as a proof. At first, I observed the nature of work to see how can work develop and then I offered idea to solve the problem where the idea must be creative all the time.

        Source of idea “I like to read books to share the stories to others. Sometimes I get the idea from reading books.  If we really want a good idea, we should have team consisting of people with different skills who can consult together as our own thoughts are not always right. At the moment, I want to have team that can actually work and consult together like partners. I don’t want to team to be as just employers and employees.”


Interviewed on September 24th, 2015


Set an aim point clearly. Prepare basis readily and new generation executives have gained trust on organization development already. Sripatanabhumi Construction will directly go for top contractors of different departments soon.

To friends who will be inherited family businesses, do you have any plan to take over the business in mind yet?


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