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The first golden rule from building a construction contracting business worth hundred million is choosing project owner and getting definitely paid on time. It is because when missing or lacking of liquidity happens, the site will have to be ceased for a while. Choosing to accept a project is really a critical point of construction businesses.

       Builk then built a quality community of construction businesses to gather all skillful construction businesses, come across with other members and view good references. Having credibility makes good project owners to team up with for creating construction work.

Credibility from BUILK PRO Network

       Mr. Dave from SyAc Construction is one of contractors in PRO Network who is pleased get work from BUILK.

       “Normally, SyAc has work from customers who got recommended by others or who has seen our posted work on our company’s Facebook. In the beginning of the last year, Builk was introduced to me via email. In Builk, I’ve seen that a PRO Network contractor from VK Apply (Thailand) Co., Ltd.has found work at Khon Kaen and they not even a local people. That work was system work of government. I’ve made bidding, scanned and sent there, appointed to talk and met them in person to deal the price.

       What makes work from Builk different from others is that they trust us much more as Builk introduces that Builk knew SyAC Construction is a PRO Network contractor at Khon Kaen. We got to know each other at the event BUILK UP last year. After the event, I tried to use BUILK Company Profile application by uploading our past references. I also used BUILK Cost Control to control cost seriously. In fact, cost control is not just a control to increase profit but it also makes us work systematically.”

SyAc Construction

Construction reference of SyAc Construction

Add alternative with mPOS payment

Technology is not just used to show reference and control cost. Mr. Dave uses portable mPOS by Kasikorn Bank to ensure receiving installment of construction cost.


“Some customers said as a joke whether we have mPOS or not. Then, when there was news about Cris Horwang, the bridesmaid, that she didn’t have to put into envelope and used mPOS to transfer congratulatory money, people started to get interested. When one of the customers came and asked me if it’s possible to avoid any interest for my contracting, so I tried; the device costed only 2,500 so it wasn’t difficult and the charges are acceptable, so it was good for me. When customers have a multiple of small work which are not high value, probably worth about a couple of hundred thousand, they will pay everything at once. If then, there wouldn’t be any interest which is going to be good for us as it ensures that we will definitely get the money. If we summarize card balance before 10, the money will be in account by midnight.

My previous problem was that most customers will seldom carry large amount of money like salarymen/salarywomen customers who have set lower daily spending on banking card than the cost of construction. They can only withdraw 50,000 baht per day and have to withdraw again tomorrow. This would cause problem as well as time has to be extended to receive money and sometimes they just run away from payment.

SyAc Construction

Ms. Jup, a SyAc Construction customer who makes payment with portable mPOS

If anyone is interested, contact for more information at bank. It can be used for either personal or corporation company. The bank will then ask to enclose with the photos of company’s logo, building, and atmosphere in the office.”

At the moment, SyAc Construction receives multiple work and renovates work mostly in Khon Kaen. You can meet Mr. Dave at CONSTRUCTION UNITED 2016. Mr. Dave may be a local contractor in Khon Kaen who work with you in the future.

Interviewed on January 29th, 2016

View details of a big annual event which gather skillful construction businesses here, CONSTRUCTION UNITED 2016

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