Why it’s FREE?

Inside Scoop: Builk’s way of empowering a quality construction business society


“After graduated a civil engineering degree in 2000,  I had worked as a site engineer for a while and I seen the potential to make a construction world reversal. I thought that I have enough ability and experiences to manage the construction site, and it proved me wrong.”  Patai Padungtin, Builk Asia Founder. 

“The lesson being taught here is if you want to become a contractor, it doesn’t just only demand just about the construction works passion, or graduated from alternative majors and you will be successful in the industry.”



Being a contractor is exhausted!

It really took time within one project, some were taking only one year, thus, some were taking forever. During the project, there’re various difficulty that possibly occurred, such as labor lacking, materials, paperworks, and the procurement. It’s good if you’ve the capability to direct the site, however, there are also countless uncontrollable works such as flooding, the contractor drop out, conflict within the shareholders, and even with problems occur at the site.     

With all these problems that could possibly happens within the project, sometime it affects the late deliver. It turned out that most of the contractors seem to be unreliable, I think none of the contractors want to born as a cheater, or drop the works off – everyone wants to generate good works. Even so, I could totally related how risky it is that will make the work to be overdue and things operate within the budgets.   



Started from utilising BUILK Cost Control Program, and wants to share

I had a thought of technology could possibly help the construction works to be done on time and in budget, then I was induced my computer engineer friends who worked in the technology development sector to improve the construction cost control program together. After I was successfully able to solve my own financial complications using this cost control program, then I wanted to share the good with my same industry fellow friends too. 

BUILK.COM then established in 2010, provided for the contractors to utilise the online professional cost control widget. As I was used to be SMEs contractors, I totally understand that the contractors are might not feeling confidential on the software that they will pay for it. Is it worth it? Should I save the money to buy the machineries for the site? thus, instead of selling the software or making it to be monthly payment, we just given the software out for free. 

And the main pathways for our income are coming from the advertising and the marketing budgets of the several construction materials brands alternatively, similar to Facebook or Youtube.



Seven years passed by, What had happened?



We received a Thailand startup business award within our first five years, also including multiple region awards which make us becoming more well-known in the innovative business society. And the number of our contractor users is growing up and up, not just in Thailand, but also in Lao, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

It is healthy for our business to have a growing number of users, however, it has also turned things to be more complicated. We decided to move the business model into the an e-Commerce business in the year of 2015 by opened out the online construction materials store in B2B version (highlight on the businesses’ customers) up on builk.com using the name of Yello Smart Purchase.

Yello sell the construction materials for Builk’s users in the cheap and reasonable price and it has been another way that brought us some profit. We had started off by dealing the cheap price construction materials directly from the manufactures by not adding the processing fee and the profit too much because we don’t have the storefront and the stocks. And because of that, it is positive for us to have a better price than others and we could be another helper to reduce down the cost of the construction materials for the contractors.

Within 2017, Yello Smart Purchase has grown up rapidly with the association from our well-known suppliers and materials manufacturer alliances and more importantly, Yello couldn’t be this big without Builk’s users supports throughout Thailand. We delivered all kinds of construction materials, either projects’ materials or architectures more than hundreds work site with the vision of “together we buy, together we save”  which had contribute builk.com’s business model to be even stronger and solidify.



The construction industry could be better. Build together the quality society

The construction works couldn’t be done by oneself, how good can it be to surround with  the skilful and qualities colleagues. Quality society came from the quality people within the society. 


Builk decided to make it happen by creating a BUILK cost control management program for the contractors in the free fee via builk.com. We both have an online teaching session for self-learning and also event sessions throughout Thailand.

We want the contractors to have the capability to manage their budget in a sufficient & better way, manage the real time businesses’ information, making a great profit, growing the business, and also saving time for all paperwork; using the management system will save the time and you can be able to pay attention to the work site instead. 

After a while, we have a large number of contractor users, we want them to have a chance to work together; then later, we introduced our new feature called Builk Company Profile with the purpose to display their company’s profiles online and the scoring function which enlarge the company’s reliability. 

At the beginning of every year, we will set up a Construction United Campaign invite all BUILK PRO Network or the skilful contractors that use the cost control system in an efficient approach join the events to get together and resulted as a quality contractors society that is trustworthy. The users are often given out suggestion throughout the society, helping out other contractors and it builds a bonding between them. 



From this point, we grow together with the construction society

Even currently we have more than ten thousand of Builk’s users, nevertheless, we have the users that are the construction businesses, contractors, including the real estate enterprise owners only around one thousand that are able to use BUILK Cost Control to manage their budget in an everyday manner. 

We understand that it is hard to change the habits of the organisation or even either the contractors or the owner themselves to use the Cost Control management program because it needs willingly and attempt to use the software, the ability to communicate and the CEO leadership that is enough to make a change in the business. Sometime we seem to see that the contractors had interfaced with the financial difficulty, then just realise to use our software and muttered that they should use our software beforehand. 


Even though it is tough to change the habit within the organisation, however, we believe that we are capable to make it possible since because we have so many role models that had been successful and it could be referred to the number of the BUILK Pro Network that has been going up throughout the country. 

We will continue to build the quality society, having meeting events for the contractors, and lastly, create new technology features to control and increase up the profit with the goal of creating the strong quality society within Thailand and ASEAN.