BUILK is a first free web-based application designed for SMEs construction business in Asia. Under the concept of transforming the construction industry to the digital era. There are more than 18,000 users of BUILK around Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Cambodia.

Our goal is to revolutionize the construction industry by increasing work efficiency and reduce the risk of doing business By bringing knowledge of new technologies and creative ideas for the construction industry. In 2016, we begin to develop applications for other operators in the construction industry, whether Manufacturer – Distributor of construction materials and property developers, Resulting in many applications, including JUBILI by BUILK, a sales management program for construction material stores. Yello, the service for checking the price of construction materials from the largest real order database. BUILK will continuously improve our software and our products.


From the small idea, changed the construction industry.

We believe that new technology could be only fully called “INNOVATION” when it has been used in the wide circumstance and make positive impact toward the mass. The construction business platform creation was first established by a development of the 100% free software for construction SMEs. We make sure that every construction business can have a chance to try it and we firstly monetized by advertising and sponsorship. A radical new business model to the software and Thai construction industries. Many said our model will never work, and it took years to prove true to our intention and business model.

The main reason that we could possibly develop the free software for the SMEs contractors is we received sponsorships from building material brands, modern trades, manufacturers, banks, and real estate developers. They give us the trust and support to be digital marketing channel and maintain customer relationship digitally. All these amounts that we got, we reinvest to create tools and knowledges to make all SMEs contractors stronger. BUILK is an entirely impartial platform that is able to work with any brands to build a powerful society together. We are changing construction industry from offline to online while building up our “BIG DATA” as our key asset.


Vertical Integration

Working closely with stakeholders in construction industry allows us to expand our business to the whole supply chain. We extend our ERP and CRM solutions to real estate developers on upstream and connect network of construction material stores and manufacturer downstream.