In 2016, BUILK helps construction businesses control their projects over US$ 800 Million across Southeast Asia. Simple workflow designed for construction business management can save your time & cost upto 10%.


BUILK Cost Control Features

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WHY Construction Businesses choose BUILK 


“After I had using BUILK cost
control as a criteria for managing the project,
it provided me an advantageous.”

Ms.MonPor Sriwilai
All Home Planner
BUILK PRO NETWORK @Ubonratchathani


“I used BUILK for my whole hospital project at Myanmar, and the results came out as we wanted it to be. BUILK give us a clear vision of the project.

Mr.Pinyo Patagayoung
Indesign Myanmar Co.,Ltd.
BUILK PRO NETWORK @ Bangkok/Mandalay


“I’m using BUILK cost control for either its house building project or big construction project and it derives me a growing business of mine.

Mr.Aukaradet darnpiboon
Chiang Mai Home Builder

Other services offer by BUILK

YELLO - B2B Construction eCommerce
JUBILI by BUILK - CRM for Building Material Store
Construction GRAPH - Big Data on Material Pricing

Work better & smarter, order material online.

We started to place an order via Yello since the project drafting, till the project forming. Countless option with One stop.

First Corporations Co., Ltd.

Convenience & Quick. We favor the BUILK Reward Point, the feature has given the works to be more enjoyable.

RAM Engineering Co., Ltd

Yello has helped coordinating a lot between the manufacture & sale relationship, and its really positive the situation.
The products are well quality and the prices are also comparable to the big retailers.

T.TAS Co., Ltd.