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Malaysian Construction Leaded Metal & Safety Glass Manufacture Visited

By having their name as Asian Tiger. Malaysia is a beautiful cultural country with a perfect ratio of an innovation blended. Malaysia is also considered to be one of the most vital emerging economies in Southeast Asia, with sustained rapid average growth since 1970. It is interesting that Malaysia is now banking on technology to achieve its ambitious goal of reach the higher-income status by 2020.


It is somehow thrill
 to know that people, especially in Southeast Asia finally values the technology that disrupt in their daily life and take the further action to get benefit from what they already have in hand. Also applied to Ajiya Berhad (Ajiya) as well, they are more than well known that what’s today need in construction industry, their innovation in building products is truly up to date.

For those of you who may not know Ajiya, Ajiya is an investment holding company listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia, engages in the manufacturing and trading of metal roll-forming products and various value added glass products in Malaysia and Thailand.

The company offers metal roll-forming products, including industrial roofing products, tile effect roofing products, architectural products (metal ceilings, louvres and sunshades), metal frame products, light weight channel products, structural products, and its proprietary industrialized building system known as Ajiya Green Integrated Building System (AGiBS). It also provides tempered, heat strengthened, decorative coated, laminated, insulating, security and safety as well as storm protection safety glasses.

BUILK has an exclusive chance to tour around Ajiya’s factory and throughout the tour, we had a chit chat with the Managing Director of Ajiya, namely Dato’ Chan Wah Kiang, and the Assistant Manager of Ajiya Business Development & Data Analysis, namely Mr. Chan Tai Wei, to ask them about the outlook and prospect of Malaysian construction industry these days.

So what do you think the construction industry has doing so far in overall approach? 

This year, the construction sector in Malaysia is mainly boosted by the Mega infrastructure projects,
 such as the East Coast Rail Line, Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) project in Johor, Mass Rapid Transit Two in the Klang Valley and the Pan Borneo Highway connecting Sabah and Sarawak.

However, the residential and non-residential buildings subsectors remain challenging given the weak sentiment caused by stricter loan approvals, rising living cost, falling oil prices, depreciation of Malaysian Ringgit, etc. 

As the increasing in house prices has outstripped the rise in income levels, the prevailing median house prices are beyond the reach of most Malaysians. Moving forward, the undersupply of affordable housing will continue to lead demand in the residential subsector as well.

And how about the market of Metal Roofing and Safety Glass in Malaysia?

Actually, either the Government and the private sectors have launched multiple initiatives to tackle the supply issues of affordable housing.

Moving forward, the increasing demand in affordable housing will benefit us as our Ajiya Green Integrated Building System (AGiBS), which comprises the following eight series of housing components, is suitable for building affordable housing at lower cost and quicker turnaround time:

  • Light Weight Metal Wall Frames
  • Metal Roofing & Awning
  • Metal Light Weight Roof Trusses
  • Metal Door & Window Frames
  • Metal Structural Floor Decking
  • Metal Ceilings
  • Metal Louvres & Sunshades
  • Safety Glass & Sash

Meanwhile, the demand of safety glass moving forward will be boosted by the upcoming high-rise project in KL, such as Merdeka PNB118 Tower (set to be the TALLEST building in Malaysia and among the world’s tallest when completed), Tun Razak Exchange Project, Bandar Malaysia Project, Bukit Bintang City Centre Project, and multiple high-end integrated development projects nearby KLCC.

It was such a great opportunity to experienced the new perspective of construction materials are doing today. See you guys next time, have a great day! ?