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Construction after earthquake

A magnitude 6.3 earthquake and at least 52 aftershocks hit Central Luzon on Tuesday afternoon. This was after a large earthquake on Monday, affecting buildings and causing some establishments to collapse.

According to Philippine News Agency, supermarket collapsed in Porac, Pampanga, and the ceiling at the check-in lobby of a passenger terminal collapsed at Clark International Airport, water cascading from a penthouse swimming pool of the high-rise buildings in Manila, and many more.

Repairs and rebuild process

Earthquakes possibly pose the greatest threat of widespread destruction. Building and construction need to be repaired and check up after the disaster happens, to protect the people from the harm of the collapsed and unstable building. Here is the process of how to repair and rebuild construction after the earthquake.


As stated in Build it right Canterbury, “In the earthquake, part of the building foundation is significantly damaged and other parts require only minor repairs. The significantly damaged part of the building foundation is replaced with a more resilient foundation and new superstructure, all tied into the remainder of the building. The whole building is now made up of pre-existing units that have demonstrated better resilience than the replaced parts together with new works that are built to a higher specification than the damaged component. The building as a whole therefore has greater resilience. Even where there is the possibility of damage at the junction between old and new if the two parts of the structure perform slightly differently, the potential for damage at Serviceability Limit State (SLS) is low and would be readily repairable. Overall a better performance for the building is achieved.” (Build it right Canterbury 2014, page 17.5)


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