GoBuilk by SCG#2 at Manila. - BUILK ประเทศไทย

GoBuilk by SCG#2 at Manila.

On April 4, 2019. Builk held the Gobuilk by SCG for the second time at Legend villa hotel in Manila, Philippines. The purpose of the event was to help the contractor to control cost and find the best solution to increase their contractor business profit, by using the free cost control software “BUILK”.

Mr. Patai Padungtin, CEO of BUILK One Group, traveled from Bangkok to Manila for this training and give the cool tips of how contractors can increase their profits. Read more about Mr. Patai cost saving tips!

BUILK Cost control is free software designed especially for SMEs construction business. BUILK covers all needed activities, from the planning process, record and track all the financial activities until the automatic cost evaluation report. You can receive real-time project information anywhere and anytime. The program is suitable for the contractor business, SMEs construction project owner and also the real estate developer. Start using BUILK now,Click here.

If you missed this event, keep updates with our news and free event at our facebook page here. And Thank to SCG to make his amazing even happened!