Vongsack Mixay : Trainer Lao



Builk Trainer

Mr. Vongsack Mixay

1998 Bachelor of Civil Engineering. Khonkaen University, Thailand.
2003 Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Construction Management (Distance Learning), Soukhothaithamatilath Open University, Thailand.
2008 Master of Engineering, Major in Advance Science and Engineering, Environmental and Urban Engineering Course, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Professional Experiences
1999-2006 Urban Town Planner, Urban Research Institute, Ministry of Communication Transport and Construction.
Freeland Civil Engineer for Building Construction in Vientiane Capital. (Part-time works)

2008-2013 Chief of Urban Engineering Sector, Public Works and Transport Institute, Ministry of Public Works and Transport.
2010-2013 House Builder Contractor in Vientiane Capital (Part-time works)
2011 Co-Founder Innogreen Engineering Co., Ltd.
2013 Co-Founder Summit Home Co., Ltd.